Here Is Why The Corn Kernel Is Important For The Best Popcorns

corn kernal and popcorn

Who says the best popcorn has to be in movie theatres? One can enjoy the tasty deliciousness of popcorn right in the comforts of a home. Besides being a scrumptious snack, popcorn has numerous health benefits. It can regulate blood sugar, it betters the digestive tract, and it gives protection against osteoporosis and lowers cholesterol. Popcorn is also associated with preventing cancer, losing weight and premature ageing. One doesn’t have to go looking for the best popcorn brands to gain all the benefits of the fluffy, crunchy munchies. As per corn kernels are easily available in any market across the world.

To get the best-tasting popcorn snack, the kernel has to be perfect too. The corn that we eat as popcorns is not the dried version of sweet corn. It is a special version of corn that pops when heated. It is in the design of the kernel that the beauty of popcorn lays. The outermost covering of the kernel is a tough shell that protects a seed, some water and starch. Once heated the shell traps the water as it turns into steam and bursts out of it. The fluffy white portion of popcorn is the starch that expands on heating. This means the better the quality of the kernel, the fluffier and crunchier the popcorn.

There are two types of kernel available to make popcorns at home. The Butterfly kernel does not have a particular shape. Rather it has wing-like extensions coming out of it. Popcorn made out these kernels is very light, fluffy and tender. They can be commonly found being used in movie halls, fairs, carnivals, stadiums and so forth. They are used a lot commercially because the varied mass allows for different serving sizes. A small portion of Butterfly kernel popcorn can fill a large volume. The other type of popcorn kernel is Mushroom. These kernels produce compact and spherical shaped popcorn. They are bigger in size, harder and denser. The round shape gives a large area for the coating to stick which means that these popcorns can be used to make flavored versions. So if the aim is to have buttered, caramelized, chocolate or cheese popcorns choose the mushroom kernel.

Another option while buying the best kernels for popcorn is to choose between white and yellow kernels. These kernels are the same as butterfly and mushroom kernels but have different identifying names. The yellow kernels, when compared to white ones, produce fluffier popcorn that has a higher crunch level. This is because the white kernels are far more delicate and tender. Size wise the white kernel is smaller but is said to have a sweeter taste when compared to yellow kernels. For the health nut, the yellow kernel is the better option as white kernels have more carbohydrates and therefore calories.

Choosing the right kernel to pop is important because not only the nutrition content differs but also the way they taste. The choice becomes even more important if the taste preferences bend towards flavored popcorns. So, choose wisely!