Demerits Of Marijuana On Your Body


If you are facing serious health problems because of marijuana, you can check in online how to stop smoking weed and stop it permanently.

Though there are several health dangers in smoking weed, the number of people using marijuana is increasing every year. The site contains the details of survey findings that percentages of US people smoking weed have increased two times since 2002.

Marijuana is the most common illegal drug practice in America also the health risks of marijuana becomes a public health problem. According to the survey conducted on drug use and health at the national level around 40% of 12-year children have used marijuana at least one time in their life. And the survey states that 79% of kids thought that eating marijuana was safe.

But the fact is that marijuana has been associated with several long-term and short-term health problems and researches reveal that smoking pot is very harmful to your health than smoking cigarettes.

THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is the active element in marijuana. It is mostly liable for various short-term health problems such as anxiety, depression, distorted perception, problems with learning and memory, increased heart rate and loss of coordination. After using regularly for some time, it causes plenty of severe health problems.

It leads to high risk of heart attack, and particularly the risk is high during the first hour of smoking marijuana. The smoke of marijuana has 50-70% high amount of carcinogenic hydrocarbons than the smoke of tobacco. Also, the ingredients in marijuana change hydrocarbons into another form which may change into harmful particles that cause cancer. The users of marijuana breath more smoke than smoking cigarettes they become exposed to the high amount of carcinogenic smoke.

THC is highly capable of damaging your immune system and thus reduces its ability to combat against infections and diseases. THC restrains the immune cell reactions that prevent any type of diseases and previously studied in mice proved that exposing to THC causes tumors and bacterial infections.

Also, a study held in the year 2007 revealed that continuous usage of marijuana for several years cause mental illness. Also exposing to marijuana smoke causes anxiety, depression and personal disturbances. Similar to tobacco smokers, smoking marijuana repeatedly raise respiratory issues such as phlegm, cough, chest illness, lung infections, etc. Marijuana is considered as an addictive drug, and it has the ability to cause withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Apart from smoking marijuana, you can also eat it. Even people eat marijuana with food. For example, you can bake marijuana into a brownie or any other foods. The withdrawal symptoms of marijuana changes from person to person so you don’t expect the same withdrawal symptoms like any other person. There are few people who don’t experience any withdrawal symptoms. In addition to marijuana, if you are addicted to any other substances like a cigarette, heroin, the withdrawal symptoms will be severe and different from others.

From this article, you must realize that it is a highly dangerous drug to your health and also illegal to use.