Funeral Services and Care

Funeral Services and Care

About Dobson Family Funeral Care

Dobson Family Funeral Care is a Funeralcare that was founded in 1998 by Bill and Ellie Dobson, to offer good quality funeral services. It’s an independent, family-owned company of Western-Australian descent. The two founders have extensive experience (of more than 20 years) in the funeral services industry. Bill has the required qualifications in funeral directing and embalming, and also has membership to the Institutes of Embalming in both Australia and Britain, and also the Embalmers Association of New Zealand.

Funeral Services

The company has specialized in providing customized funeral services to suit individual client’s needs. They provide both traditional private services within their funeral home, and individual services.
Prepaid Funerals in Perth

This Perth funeral services company allows its clients to prepay for the funeral services. This is important because it enables the family to cope well after losing a loved one, by protecting them from a great deal of emotional and financial distress. The prepaid package provides a contract with full guarantee, and an option of paying either a lump sum amount, or in installments.

Importance of Embalming

Dobson Family Funeral Care professionally and skillfully embalms the bodies of the departed ones using modern methods. This is important in cleansing the body, and restoring its previous appearance. It’s also a way of according respect to the departed one.

Assisting families in grieving

Dobson Family Funeral Care assists the families in the grieving process, by being understanding, supportive, providing a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. They also connect the grieving families with self-help groups and professional counselors. Their library is also available to the families, which provides important information concerning grieving.

Important questions answered by Dobson Family Funeral Care

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Contact Dobson Family Funeral Care

Street Address: 303 Railway Parade, Marylands WA 6051

Postal Address: P.O Box 445, Marylands, WA 6931.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: (08) 9371 7177

Fax: (08) 9371 7877