Air Conditioner Maintenance And Repair – An Energy Saving Proposition

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances are few of the most expensive items in any residential or commercial spaces in New Braunfels. Though these appliances go a long way in making lives comfortable, they also require their quota of care and maintenance. These being complex systems, it is generally not possible for the users to go about the care routines themselves. This is where the services of HVAC service providers come in. Only professional air conditioning repair in New Braunfels has the knowledge and expertise in maintaining and repairing heating and cooling systems in your home and offices. Learn how to save energy bills here

The hiring of HVAC service providers is essential but gleaning over a few aspects before you hire one is equally important.
Checking the background – It goes without saying that your choice of service providers should be well trained and have at least few years of experience in the field. Even if your contractor is a newbie in starting out independently, nevertheless should have at least few years of on-the-job experience. This is not only important to understand the mechanisms of the systems the contractor will be repairing but is also very crucial for the safety purposes. Any shoddy repair work done here may spell accidents and injuries.

Licenses – HVAC contractors need to obtain valid permits. You can either ask them for the same or better still, look for their licenses in some of the licenses look up websites offered by the governments. HVAC contractors may also need to obtain a plumber license separately since they install plumbing fixtures for oil and natural gas supply. In certain areas, such contractors are required to obtain licenses separately for their line of work. Therefore, before you hire such a contractor, you need to know about the kind of licenses required in your region and whether or not your choice of the contractor has obtained these.

Insurance – Several states make it mandatory that the contractors hold requisite insurance and bonding. This is important to offer protection to the homeowners against any accidental injury resulting from the repairs.

Checking for references – Your contractor should have a list of recent clients so that you can check with them. Before hiring any such contractor for a big task, it is always better to check with the old clients.

Estimates – Remember these jobs are expensive and hence asking for an estimate is always very important. In fact, you should check for estimates from at least a couple of companies so that you have a fair idea about the general cost of the particular kind of repairs and installation that you are seeking. If you are checking for facts and estimates from only one company, the chances of getting duped are pretty high.

Going through such a thorough check may not be possible for you in case you are in an emergency or are hiring the contractor for small jobs. But just in case you have a major work going, you do need to check on this factor.

The Weight Training Drill Every O-Lineman Needs To Do

Weight Training Drill

The training needs of an offensive lineman are very different from other skill position players. But, the sad truth is that when it is off-season O-linemen tend not to be the centre of focus. Instead of offensive line drills that help protect a pass, drive block, tackle or explode off the ball, they are made to do generic power-lifting or bodybuilding. With every other day articles on expounding the athletic built of the latest offensive line draft, simple weight training is not enough.
This primer was written for offensive linemen to up their games with just two simple changes. The changes help the athlete build stamina, size and strength. Therefore, make them more capable of blocking, tackling and guarding. The first trick is to practice more explosive medicine ball throws. There are two variations of the chest throw that should be practised. These position-specific med ball exercises are – repeated chest throws an explosive chest throw.

• Repeat Chest Throw Exercise
Begin with a half-squat position near a wall. You should be facing the wall at this point while holding a bouncing med ball. Now throw the medicine ball explosively towards the wall continuously. One rep can be made of six to twenty throws all done in six to twelve seconds. The tip here is not to forgo technique for faster throws.

• Explosive Chest Throw Exercise
This form of chest throw position also begins in a half-squat pose. Keep this position for five to ten seconds. Then jump forward while throwing the ball. Be as forceful as possible when you explode forward. Throw the ball as hard as possible for you. The exercise is meant to better your defensive tackle. Do three sets of the exercise with four to six repetitions in each.
This tip helps practice the movements an offensive lineman makes while on the field. The next trick is to learn to create as much force as possible from a dead stop. The one goal of an O-lineman is to prevent the competing team member from reaching the goal. To resist the force, you need to be able to have a stronger might. Spending time squatting can build this strength. There are few variations of the squat exercise that should be practiced.

• Front Squat Paused Pose
Start by standing in a squat rack with a bar secured across the shoulders. Use lighter weights for this position. Move down to a full squat and hold the position for three counts. After the third count, move upwards as explosively as you can. Remember to use as much force as possible and keep the muscles of the legs engaged while holding the bottom position. Repeat this exercise three to six times and do the entire set for four times.

• Dead Stop Squat Exercise
For this exercise position yourself under the bar of the squat rack so that the thighs are a bit above parallel in the squat pose. You will have to set the pins in the squat rack accordingly. Engage your muscles by tensing against the bar and move upwards forcefully. Reset the pins and then repeat the exercise 2 to 6 times for 5 sets.

Loading of elevated work platforms on Tilted tray trucks- Read this and be safe!


EWPs (Elevated Work Platforms) and tilt tray trucks is a very dangerous combination. Chances for injury are very high during the loading and unloading process unless when done by experts such as This article aims at sharing some safety instructions to avoid injuries during such processes. has reported instances of injuries while EWP is getting loaded or unloaded for transportation. In one of the incidents, the crowded position of the basket is what resulted in danger. The operator who was in the basket got compressed in between the ground and the handrail of the basket and hence suffered serious injuries.

How can the risk of injuries be reduced? Let us see.

Safe practices to reduce the risk of injury

· Strictly follow the instructions of the manufacturer while loading and unloading
· First of all, the truck should be on a level and stable ground which is not sloppy
· If the instructions do not allow the EWP to be driven, then use a winch to move it on and off truck especially if the tray slope is very steep or the wheels of the EWP are smooth and unstable.
· The tray of the truck should be long enough to hold the basket and the boom completely.
· The persons who operate the EWP should be well trained.
· Transportation of EWP should comply with the rules of transport department.
· It would be better to carry EWP on a low loader than carrying it in a tilt tray truck.
· Some manufacturers recommend that the basket should be placed on the tray. In such cases, you must make sure that the tilt tray is levelled before keeping the basket on it.
· While keeping the basket on the tray, do not forget to make use of the ground controls.

Regular maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance also serves as a reason for accidents and injuries. A capable person should be assigned to do regular maintenance of EWPs. All the critical parts should be inspected every six months or one year as instructed by the manufacturer. Brakes, winch, chains, cables, etc. are the components which should be inspected very carefully. The inspection activities should be recorded rightly so that the plant history is maintained.

Follow the safety laws!

There are certain safety and health rules under the Work Health and Safety Act which should be followed by everyone. Business owners, self-employed persons, manufacturer’s, plant owners, plant workers, all should follow the rules. Nobody is exempted from following them as they are made compulsory as per the legislature.

In short, the transportation of EWP is not a risk-free task. The success depends on how well the risks are managed. Those listed above are just the primary points. Elaborate explanation with clear photographs is available on the internet. Make use of them and learn things. If you are a plant owner, it is your duty to make sure that all the above points are taken care of. You may also take professional assistance for transport if you think you cannot meet all these criteria to avoid dangers. So, make a wise decision. Be safe!

Here Is Why The Corn Kernel Is Important For The Best Popcorns

corn kernal and popcorn

Who says the best popcorn has to be in movie theatres? One can enjoy the tasty deliciousness of popcorn right in the comforts of a home. Besides being a scrumptious snack, popcorn has numerous health benefits. It can regulate blood sugar, it betters the digestive tract, and it gives protection against osteoporosis and lowers cholesterol. Popcorn is also associated with preventing cancer, losing weight and premature ageing. One doesn’t have to go looking for the best popcorn brands to gain all the benefits of the fluffy, crunchy munchies. As per corn kernels are easily available in any market across the world.

To get the best-tasting popcorn snack, the kernel has to be perfect too. The corn that we eat as popcorns is not the dried version of sweet corn. It is a special version of corn that pops when heated. It is in the design of the kernel that the beauty of popcorn lays. The outermost covering of the kernel is a tough shell that protects a seed, some water and starch. Once heated the shell traps the water as it turns into steam and bursts out of it. The fluffy white portion of popcorn is the starch that expands on heating. This means the better the quality of the kernel, the fluffier and crunchier the popcorn.

There are two types of kernel available to make popcorns at home. The Butterfly kernel does not have a particular shape. Rather it has wing-like extensions coming out of it. Popcorn made out these kernels is very light, fluffy and tender. They can be commonly found being used in movie halls, fairs, carnivals, stadiums and so forth. They are used a lot commercially because the varied mass allows for different serving sizes. A small portion of Butterfly kernel popcorn can fill a large volume. The other type of popcorn kernel is Mushroom. These kernels produce compact and spherical shaped popcorn. They are bigger in size, harder and denser. The round shape gives a large area for the coating to stick which means that these popcorns can be used to make flavored versions. So if the aim is to have buttered, caramelized, chocolate or cheese popcorns choose the mushroom kernel.

Another option while buying the best kernels for popcorn is to choose between white and yellow kernels. These kernels are the same as butterfly and mushroom kernels but have different identifying names. The yellow kernels, when compared to white ones, produce fluffier popcorn that has a higher crunch level. This is because the white kernels are far more delicate and tender. Size wise the white kernel is smaller but is said to have a sweeter taste when compared to yellow kernels. For the health nut, the yellow kernel is the better option as white kernels have more carbohydrates and therefore calories.

Choosing the right kernel to pop is important because not only the nutrition content differs but also the way they taste. The choice becomes even more important if the taste preferences bend towards flavored popcorns. So, choose wisely!

Excellent Benefits Of Using Apple Cider Vinegar

We find many people using vinegar to add additional flavors to almost all foods. Vinegar is consisting of water, acetic acid and some other very small quantity chemicals. There are many different types of vinegar available in the market. All types of vinegar are used for particular purposes. Apple cider vinegar is considered to be one of the best vinegar available in the market. There are many health benefits associated with apple cider vinegar. Your meat will taste like anything if you add vinegar while cooking and you should know how long should you cook a 3 pound meatloaf. You can read some interesting articles about health benefits at The following guide will help you to find the benefits of using apple cider vinegar.

Many medical study reports revealed that the apple cider vinegar can help you to reduce blood pressure, overweight and also it can control diabetes. It has some health benefits such as gives good digestion, detoxification and energy booster. Most interestingly, you can use the apple cider vinegar to clean your teeth, hair conditioning and also for cleaning your household items.

Shiny Hair

The next main benefit of using apple cider vinegar is, it can make your hair look shiny. The method is very simple. You have to mix one tablespoon of chemical free apple cider with one cup of water. Store this liquid in container separately and use it thrice in a week for good results after applying shampoo.

Whitening Teeth

The apple cider vinegar has the power of whitening your teeth naturally. This method is also quite simple. Just take two to three drops of apple cider vinegar on your finger and rub your teeth gently for about one minute to get best results


The apple cider vinegar is the best medicine for acidity problem. Take one tablespoon vinegar and add one cup of water and consume before every meal to get rid of the acidity issues.

Increase Probiotics

Many people suffer from thrush infection. It is a kind of yeast infection or otherwise called candidiasis. It will result in reducing your energy level and also produce bad breath and digestive problems. The apple cider vinegar has the power of increasing probiotics. The probiotics will kill the bacteria that is causing the thrush infection

Balanced pH Level
Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid. This acidic acid has the power of balancing and maintaining the correct pH level in your body, A well-balanced pH will reduce the risk of getting cancer and also has the ability to increase your energy level

Over Weight

Many study results revealed that the apple cider vinegar is helpful in reducing your overweight. As per the researchers, a person who consumes apple cider vinegar on a daily basis within the prescribed limit quantity can reduce calories. The acetic acid that is found in apple cider vinegar has the power of reducing the fat.

Cleaning Material

Mix 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% of water and use that liquid to spray and clean your household items. It has the power of removing the bacteria as well.